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Tom Yoda
T. Y. Limited, Inc.
Birthday: May 27, 1940

Mar. 1963

Graduated from Meiji University, Faculty of Business Management

Apr. 1963

Joined Osada Electric Co., Ltd.

Apr. 1969

Joined Sansui Electric Co., Ltd. (Resigned as Director in Jan 1988)

Mar. 1988

Representative Director of Thomas Yoda Limited (renamed to T. Y. Limited, Inc.)

Aug. 1988

Advisor to Avex D.D., Inc. (renamed to Avex Inc. in 1998, and to Avex Group Holdings in 2004)

Feb. 1990

Appointed Director of Avex D.D., Inc.

Dec. 1992

Chairman and Director of Avex D.D., Inc.

Sep. 1993

Chairman of the Board / CEO of Avex D.D., Inc. (until Aug. 2004)

Dec. 1999

Board of Directors, GAGA Communications Inc. (renamed to GAGA Corporation)

Aug. 2000

Board of Directors of T-Joy, Co. Ltd.

Mar. 2003

Board of Directors of Rakuten, Inc. (until Mar. 2011)

Aug. 2004

Honorary Chairman of Avex Inc. (Adviser from Jan 2005 until Mar 2005)

Dec. 2004

Chairman of the Board & Representative Corporate Officer, Gaga Communications Inc. (renamed to GAGA Corporation)

Jan. 2005

Special Advisor to Dreamusic Inc.

Apr. 2005

Advisor to Dreamusic (Largest shareholder from Mar 2005)

Apr. 2005

Chairman /CEO of T. Y. Limited Inc.

Aug. 2005

Chairman /CEO of Dreamusic Inc.

Dec. 2006

Co-Founder/Member of the Board of Filosophia Entertainment Alliance, Inc (renamed to Filosophia Inc.)

Aug. 2008

Chairman/CEO, T.Y. Entertainment, Inc.

Jul. 2009

Chairman of the Board/President/Chief Executive Officer,
Gaga Communications Inc. (renamed to GAGA Corporation)

Sep. 2010

Director, AITIA Corporation

Apr. 2016

Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer, GAGA Corporation

Mar. 2017

Director/Supreme Advisor, Dreamusic, Inc.

Jun. 2020 President and CEO, GAGA Corporation

Jul. 2020

Director, Production +h (until Oct. 2021)

Dec. 2021

Executive Advisor, Faith, Inc.

*Bold face indicates current posts

<Public Posts>

Feb. 2000

Councilor, Meiji University

May. 2000

Main Board Director of International Federation of Phonographic Industry (IFPI) (until Aug 2004)

Apr. 2001

Chairman of Foundation for Promotion of Music Industry and Culture (PROMIC) (until Apr. 2005)


Vice Chairman of Executive Committee, Japan/China Year 2002

Oct. 2002

Committee Member, Secretariat of Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters, Cabinet Secretariat
(until July 2007)

Jan. 2003

Board Member, International Therapy Dog Association

Mar. 2003

Chairman of Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) (until Aug. 2004)

Apr. 2003

International Strategic Study Group for Contents Industry, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

Jul. 2003

Chairman, Sub Committee on Entertainment & Contents, Committee on Industrial Affairs (renamed as Committee on Industrial Competitiveness), Japan Business Federation(until Oct. 2021)

Oct. 2003

Committee Member, Secretariat of Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters, Cabinet Secretariat(until July 2007)

Feb. 2004

Board of Directors(renamed as Member of the Policy Board), Japan Business Federation

Apr. 2004

Board of Directors, Entertainment Lawyers’ Network

Apr. 2004

Committee member, Japan/Korea Friendship Year 2005(until Dec. 2004)

Aug. 2004

Directors on Board, The Japan-China Society, Inc.

Dec. 2004

Director, Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO)

Jan. 2005

Board of Directors, Foreign Film Importer-Distributors Association of Japan

Apr. 2005

Board of Directors, UNIJAPAN

Apr. 2005

Special Advisor, The Foundation for Promotion Music Industry and Culture (PROMIC)(until Mar,2006)

Jul. 2005

Executive Director, Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO)

Dec. 2006

Vice Chairman of Executive Committee, The Japan-China Exchange
Year of Culture and Sports 2007

Feb. 2007

Deputy Chairperson of Executive Committee, Japan International Contents Festival

May. 2007

Director, Japan Video Software Association

Mar. 2008

Chairman, Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF & TIFFCOM) <until March 31 2013>

Apr. 2008

Director, Tokyo Symphony Orchestra

Apr. 2009

Advisor, Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ)

Jul. 2009

Deputy Chairman, The Japan-China Society, Inc.

Jan. 2012

Vice chairman, the executive committee for 2012 "Friendship Year for Japan-China People-To-People Exchanges"

Sep. 2012

Vice Chairman, Tokyo Symphony Orchestra

Sep. 2012

Director, Watanabe Foundation for Music & Culture

Mar. 2013

Member of Cool Japan Promotion Council

Mar. 2013

Chairman, Creative Industries Internationalization Committee, METI

Apr. 2013 Executive Member, TIFF Executive Committee of UNIJAPAN

Dec. 2013

Advisory Board Member, Cool Japan Fund Inc.

June 2020

Member of Executives Branch, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

*Bold face indicates current posts


Apr. 2012

The distinction of les Arts et Lettres, as officier of the order

June 2012

The 31st Fujimoto Award (Special Award)

Nov. 2012

The Special Award from MPAA for “Promoting and Protecting the Screen Community in Japan”

Feb. 2017

Officier de l'Ordre de la Legion d'Honneur (France)

Dec. 2019

MPA Asia Pacific Creativity Award 2019

Dec. 2021

Distinguished Service Award, The 66th Movie Day

Apr. 2022

A Person of Merit, The 80th Anniversary of The Recording Industry of Japan



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